Week of Events for February 1-7, 2015

Hey folks, there is a full calendar this week!

  • Sunday 2/1 We had a home hacked antenna to watch the superbowl with homemade treats from a few outstanding members.
  • Monday 2/2 7:30PM we have Charlotte Story Tellers stopping in.
    Charlotte Storytellers is for grownups who never grew out of story time. It’s a group for everyone! We are first-time, amateur and experienced storytellers. Join us to hear and tell stories, engage in storytelling games and share creative critique–it’s like the Moth, only more intimate.
  • Tuesday 2/3 7:30PM will be Tech Tuesday. A time to share what you’ve been hacking lately and project assist for members. We encourage visitors and friends to come check out the space. There will be a mini 101 course on some of the equipment HSC has to offer.
  • Wendesday 2/4 7:00PM Reynolds Advanced Materials will be giving a demonstration ‘Mold and Cast Making’ class for Hackerspace Charlotte. They’ve done a class once before and it was a ton of fun and a huge success. The class is open to the public so bring your friends!
  • Thursday 2/5 7:00 PM Coding night. Patrick Graham will be hosting a coding and programming event. This class ranges from beginners to advanced coders.
  • Friday 2/5 7:00 PM Open House – Come bring a project, play a game, network with the community! Our doors will be open to members and guests!

Last week’s open house was a huge success. We would like to mention Mike Todd and Fry for their service and production for the Last Friday Open House. They featured interactive music and visuals that were phenomenal.

~Cindy Spice