C# Programming for Beginners this Summer!

Hackerspace Charlotte is pleased to announce a summer C# programming class for beginners! Kahlan will be teaching the class. You will have the option to attend in person or virtually.
You can check out our calendar for the dates: /calendar/ Or RSVP on our meetup here: http://www.meetup.com/HackSpaceClt/
This event is free and open to the general public! It is a bi-weekly class, tutorial, practice, guided project time dedicated to learning basic programming. Rather than a dedicated class with an agenda, this is more free-form as the members of the group decide what we’re building and which features should be added over time and across sessions. As those features get added, they’ll prompt the need for small lessons which will be in the context of our application.

All code will be written by group consensus by showing it on the TV or projector. As time goes by, we’ll swap out the person on the keyboard from Kahlan, the class lead, to individuals in the group.

Anyone who wants to follow along on their own machine will need:
-Their own machine (Windows 7+)
-Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition
– Free from Microsoft (Please arrive early if you need to download this program)
– Will NOT run on Vista {snicker, smirk} or lower

Anyone who wants to be the turtle for the group will need:
-Whatever screen-sharing software we decide to use (At this point, it’s likely to be Skype as long as it displays clear enough on the screen).
– Open to suggestions but do not want to clog up people’s computers with software that’s not mainstream and they will likely never use again.
– This removes the need to juggle seats and/or computers in order to swap out who is connected (And, Kahlan doesn’t have to remap her Dvorak keyboard back to Qwerty).

Hope to see you there!