Feb 16 – 22

Hey Hey!

Another calendar filled week for the HSC:

Monday 16th

Charlotte StoryTellers meeting 7:30PM:
Charlotte Storytellers is for grownups who never grew out of story time. It’s a group for everyone! We are first-time, amateur and experienced storytellers. Join us to hear and tell stories, engage in storytelling games and share creative critique–it’s like the Moth, only more intimate.
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Tuesday 17th:
7:30PM Tech Tuesday
This is our weekly meeting to share what we’ve been working on. It is also a time to reach out to our fellow makers/hackers for project assist. We encourage visitors to come on this day to get a feel for the space and the members which make our community a commodity you cannot find anywhere else.
8:30 PM Patent Power Hour
We will have a licensed patent specialist here for the patent power hour. Brian MacDonald will be providing his expertise to those who have questions on patents and patent law. So bring your ideas and some paper and pen because you’re going to want to take notes.

Wednesday 18th:
February Board Meeting 6:00PM

This is our monthly board meeting. We encourage our members to be apart of this event.

Thursday 19th:

Code Night 7:30 PM

This is a coding and programming class for beginners and expert coders alike hosted by Patrick Graham.

Friday 20th:
Open House 5:00PM – 11:00PM

This is a social event. Come and play board games and video games. Get to know your fellow maker/hacker/tinkerer. Bring your friends and come get a taste of the HSCLT community.

Saturday 21:
Cleaning Day 12:00PM-3:00PM

We will be hauling away the furniture from the porch and doing some general housekeeping. Your attendance is greatly appreciated.

Sunday 22:

Academy Awards Viewing Party  7:00 Р11:30

We will be hosting a viewing of the Academy awards. BYOB/BYOS for yourself or to share.

Hope to see you around!

~Cindy Spice
Contact cindy@hackerspacecharlotte.org with questions or to schedule an event.