MIG Welding 101 Class Nov 21 & 22

MIG welding class 101 November 21 & 22 11-1. Just one of the two hour class will teach you the basics of welding with a final product to take home. RSVP required on meetup. Sign up for one of the classes on our meetup page!
This workshop is for any DIY person who can work a hot-glue gun and is ready to move to metal work with a basic wire-feed or MIG (mixed inert gas) welder. During this 2 hour workshop we speak about the different types of consumer welding (MIG, TIG, Arc), focusing on the easiest style which is wire-fed/MIG, amperage vs voltage, temperature vs wire-flow, proper speed and flow techniques, penetration vs burn through, 110v vs 220v, consumer vs professional, and so on. The point of this workshop is to get you comfortable and secure enough to get hands on creative experience, then ready for custom fabrication and art creation in later workshops. Students will feel safe enough to start shopping after for a welder and supplies, or to rent one for their projects. This workshop is hands on where students will have their own created object to take home. This is basic demonstration and hands-on steel welding for hobbyists. Required supplies and apparel if you want hands-on time: Closed-toe shoes (no flops), long pants (no shorts), long sleeve cotton shirt or jacket that can take small sparks, open mind, open ears, comfy shoes, cash for payments. Gloves are provided, but very large and cumbersome. Goatskin or Deerskin gloves work well.
This is not a class to earn any certifications and the instructor is not a licensed professional. This class is purely a hands-on experience to provide access to a welder and the basics in how it works. Safe practices should always precede caution and participants attend at their own risk

Class is $35 for members and $50 for non-members – these prices include materials for class. Spots are limited to 6 participants. RSVP now! Sign up for one of the classes on our meet up page!