New Year Update (Part 2)

With the new year comes some new exciting features for Hackerspace Charlotte.

HSC will begin holding certification courses for the equipment available to members such as the laser cutters, the 3D printers, as well as the hardspace. Certification courses will be free to HSC members but the course enrollment will be extended to the general public at an affordable rate.

Next, we are working to set in place google calendars for our equipment so that a member may reserve a block of time in advance. This will allow members to maximize their time at the space.

Additionally, there will be more comprehensive information packets provided to new members in 2015 about what it means to be a Hackerspace member. A team of members will be needed to volunteer to tour the space after our Tech Tuesday meetings. If you are interested in stepping up and being apart of the ‘Greet Team’ please contact Cindy at
Finally, we will be rolling out brand new safety posters, but never forget, ‘You did it to yourself.’

Here’s to the future!
~Cindy Spice